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Specialist Dental Care at The Dog Hut

Dental Treatments

Around 80% of pets already show signs of dental disease from around the age of two years old. Thanks to the newly developed Emmi-pet with 100% ultrasound for teeth cleaning and oral hygiene, you can clean your pet's teeth more effectively, help prevent plaque or tartar formation and look after gum health. 

Skin Treatments

The Emmi-pet ultrasound brush with its interchangeable head can also be used with a gel to help restore damaged tissue from hot spots, acral lick granulomas, accelerate wound healing and help to encourage hair growth. 

Call 01323 890041 to see how our Emmi Pet dental and skin consultant can help your pet. 

Take precautions against:

* Periodontitis

* Inflammation of the gums.

* Formation of tartar.

* Bad breath (mouth odor / halitosis).

* Chronic diseases of the oral cavity.

* Vibration-free

* Silent

* No mechanical movement

* No pressure needed

* Non-abrasive

'There is another way to look after your dog's dental health without the use of anesthetic'

Call us for friendly and professional advice, 

existing clients receive a discount for

dental treatments and maintenance plans.

Free initial consultation with our Emmi Pet Consultant.

By appointment only, please.