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No.1. Claremont Road Seaford BN25 2AY

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The Dog Hut .Biz Integrity


'The Dog Hut .Biz will never knowingly, miss represent, miss-sell or miss guide clients in any way whatsoever for commercial interest. The Dog Hut .Biz is dedicated to providing an excellent, supportive and positive experience for all clients and their pets where Animal Welfare is our top priority and comes before profit''.

The Dog Hut .Biz Animal Welfare Policy

'Our mission is to provide a stress free and fear free experience for every animal that we work with, in every way that we can' - Dean and Sara Hart 2019

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The Dog Hut .Biz green (Environmental) Policy Statement

'We are aware of our impact on the local and wider environment and are committed to working towards methods that reduce this impact' - Dean and Sara Hart 2019.

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The Dog Hut .Biz Equal Opportunities Policy Statement

'We are commitment to ensuring equality, treating everyone with respect and promoting diversity within every thing we do and hope that others promote and are accepting as then same' Dean and Sara Hart 2019.

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