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Coaching & Mentoring Services for Professionals

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Coaching & Mentoring What is the Difference?

That is a good question, coaching and mentoring apply the same set of skills and approach but coaching is usually short term task-based and mentoring tends to be a longer term relationship. With coaching there are usually set sessions on a set basis and are usually focused on key development areas like learning scissoring techniques, canine communication or marketing approaches and have set goals to be achieved. Mentoring tends to take a longer journey with the mentee setting the pace as and when they need advice or guidance, the sessions are more relaxed and tends to focus more on career and personal development rather than task or skills based. 

What do you need to help you succeed further?

Whether you need to prepare for your dog grooming diploma examinations, need more theory knowledge, you are working toward your KCAI and need to understand more about animal learning theories or need to develop a business plan for a bank loan or need help dealing with more challenging dogs on the grooming table. The Dog Hut can help by offering friendly, supportive and professional mentoring or coaching services tailor made for you or a group of you!

Both Sara and Dean Hart have been achieving excellence within the canine industry for over 23 years. They are respected as leading experts within their own specialist field, are both qualified in training & development, teaching, assessment and quality assurance. Dean writes articles for three international on-line magazines providing help and support to owners and professionals alike.

Their mentoring and coaching services have helped many professionals within the canine industry, from across all parts of the UK, Europe and further afield, including Australia and the Cayman Islands! They have helped hundreds of new business start ups succeed and continue to grow through their commitment and genuine desire to help and encourage others. Contact either Sara or Dean to see how they can support you in achieving your personal or professional goals. 

The Dog Hut's coaching and mentoring services focus within three key areas but are always tailor made to the individual's needs.

Professional Practice Skills

Focus on what you need to develop an improved professional application within your business and let your clients experience the difference and grow their loyalty, attract more clients and build your turnover. Whether you need help with developing your policies and procedures, your website, effective marketing, understanding your insurance needs, or need support planning for your own personal development Dean and Sara can help.

Dog Grooming Practical and Theory

Every practical skill can be further developed and practical applications often need underpinning knowledge. Be this on equipment maintenance, selecting the right equipment for your needs, advanced health checking, de-matting skills, or head shapes! Spend time with Sara Hart LCGI AiFL, A City & Guilds Medal for Excellence Winner for her exceptional teaching to develop your skills for your business and be inspired! 

Canine Behaviour & Training

One of only seven Preferred Educational Providers with the Kennel Club KCAI Scheme, Dean Hart supports and encourages all levels of dog trainers, behaviourists, veterinary nurses, and veterinary surgeons. If you need to focus within any specific area within canine behaviour or dog training or need guidance within your profession, Dean can offer 1-2-1 coaching, talks or lectures for your club or group of colleagues.

What to Do Next?

If you would like to receive either mentoring or coaching to help with your personal, professional, and business development then simply download the application form, by clicking on the 'Help Cartoon', complete and return to [email protected]

How much does it cost?

We offer a variety of options that should suit most businesses, individuals, and budgets but without knowing what your needs are this is difficult to tell. Once you have completed the form and we have had chance to assess a forward plan for you we will be able to offer a price guide.

No Obligation - No Pressure

Once you receive our price guide there is no obligation whatsoever to commit, we are pleased to offer you guidance on what is available and then you are free to decide your next steps. We may check your understanding of our quote but we will not chase you or apply pressure. If you do decide to join us then you will also need to complete the Mentee Disclaimer at the bottom of this page.