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What is an Expert Witness?

Dean Hart Senior Practitioner and co owner of Canine Behaviour and Training Referrals offers an Expert Witness Service.

An Expert Witness is a person whose level of specialised knowledge or skill in a particular field qualifies them to present their opinion about the facts of a case during legal proceedings. Dean has worked with several organisations in the South of England and is available by contacting

An unedited version is currently available on Amazon as an ebook or Paperback written by Dean Hart

Behaviour Clinic

Dean Hart, MSc, MCFBA, AABP, joint owner of The Dog Hut is also co owner of Canine Behaviour and Training Referrals. A Veterinary referral clinic specialising in rehabilitation training and resolving behaviour problems in companion dogs and cats.

Dean Hart is a full Member of the Canine and Feline Behaviour Association and a Master Trainer. Both he and Ben McKechnie, his associate offer a range of expert, caring, supportive and friendly behaviour services to owners and professionals.

They are committed to delivering the highest possible standards in client care and support. Owners can be sure to receive empathy and understanding while being given clear, expert information and advice.

Enquiries are very welcome from professionals too and Dean runs Master Classes for dog trainers, canine behaviourists, veterinary surgeons, vet nurses, kennel staff, hydro therapists, dog groomers and those competing.    

As well as working with companion dog behaviour problems, Dean offers Canine Temperament Testing and an Expert Witness Service. The Canine Behaviour Clinic is now in its 18th year and continues to offer a caring, friendly, supportive and professional service to owners who are experiencing difficulties with their dog's behaviour.

Dean initially set up the clinic on his own but as the demand for his services has grown, so too has the clinic and the services available.

Following completion of a behavioural history questionnaire, the initial behavioural consultation takes between an hour and a half, to two hours where practical hands-on help is combined with information and longer-term treatment suggestions. A full written report and three practical rehabilitation sessions follow as part of the initial fee.

All canine behaviour clients are seen by veterinary referral only. Please visit the Canine Behaviour and Training Referrals main website for further information. No obligation enquiries are always welcome or telephone Dean on 01323 890041

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